Released in a four CD edition in 2011.

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The Clyde Parker Project is a self-released project of featurings
created by Monolyth & Cobalt (Mathias Van Eecloo).
It's a music project in 4 sessions with 100 artists from 25 countries
recorded between July 2009 and February 2011
by some exchanges of sounds pieces on internet.
There was music artists like : Danny Norbury, Aaron Martin, Christopher Hipgrave,
Dawn Smithson, Évo Lüthi, Part Timer, Morgan Packard, Port-Royal,
Hannu, Jonas Ruchenhever, Pleq, Peter Stenberg, Frédéric D.Oberland, Segue,
M.Ostermeier, Isnaj Dui, and more.
Each of the music artists have recorded one piece of sound with Monolyth & Cobalt.
The choice about the music artists is eclectic (electro-acoustic, ambient,
minimalist, drone, modern classical, shoegaze).
Music artists are from various horizons, from various countries
and with some different music practices. some are signed on labels some who are not.
There are 4 discs in this session and there were 100 self-released copies.
It's a project to share, meet, experiment and break the borders.
Combine the countries borders and music practices borders in a same element.

The Clyde Parker Project Session # 4 music artists (February 2011) :
With : Antti Tolvi, Barbara De Dominicis, Birds of Passage, Bristol Art, Cicely Irvine,
Damian Valles, Darren Mc Clure, Essa.m, Esther Burns, Evolvaudio, Flutterbye,
Hans Appelqvist, i8u (France Jobin), Jean-Philippe Guibert, Keijo  Krzysztof Orluk,
Leonardo Rosado, Linda Bjalla (Izumi suzuki), Marihiko Hara & Polar M, Mirko Uhlig,
Moinho( Franck M.), Moïren, N17 (Hellmut Neidhardt), Orla Wren, Pascal Marius,
Pleq, Pillowdiver, Ran Slavin, Shaula, Spheruleus (Harry Towell),
Teamforest, Wvon.