Released on double CD in 2010 by ARBOUSE RECORDINGS.



The musée Fenaille, in Rodez, South of France, is an archaeological museum
which has in its collection a wide array of ‘statues menhirs’,
or carved stones which are the first known life-size representations of man.
Local record label Arbouse Recordings commissioned a number of artists
to create a soundtrack for the museum collection, each providing one track to the project,
and several of them were later invited to perform live in the museum.

The panel of musicians and sound artists invited to take part to the project
is extremely diverse, with the likes of Fennesz, Benoît Pioulard, John Hughes,
Sylvain Chauveau, Greg Davis, Schneider TM, Mapstation, Mira Calix
Jasper TX, ww.lowman, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Astrïd, Serafina Steer,
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Orla Wren to create a truly evocative and sumptuous document
which constantly shifts between dense soundscapes, ambient electronic, delicate avant-folk
or truly experimental, yet appears surprisingly consistent and meaningful.
And this is very much the tour de force achieved with this record, to combine musicians
coming from such diverse backgrounds and create a very coherent piece.

Musique Pour Statues Menhirs is a project like no other
and the resulting soundtrack is nothing short of stunning.
It is difficult to understand fully how these compositions could work within the context of the permanent exhibition of the museum’s collection of carved stones, but the great variety of approach
and genres collated here works surprisingly well as a standalone piece
and acts as one of the strongest document of contemporary music heard in a long time.




An independent label producing artists from various musical universes.

Fennesz, Sylvain Chauveau, Peter Broderick, Max Richter, Benoit Pioulard,
Hauschka, Dustin O'Halloran, Nathan Bell, Arco5, Acetate Zero, Alc Levora,
Astrïd, Eglantine, Freedeal, Hopen, Sink, Thousand & Bramier et aussi Chris Brokaw,
Orla Wren, Mira Calix, Hood, Rothko, Billy Mahonie, Sybarite, EU, Twisted Science,
Greg Davis, Kiln, Gel:, Marumari, The Eternals, Designer...