"This is not just a piece of music - it is a very personal diary of one truly honest, delicate and talented artist, man, hermit, soul seeing and feeling the world in a frequency visible and audible only to heart"
Ieva Balode

"Moccasin Flowers sits on delicate, fertile ground. Soft, sensitive tones caress the rosy skin of the music, and light but magnificently deep textures slowly swirl around, caught up in the ether. Orla Wren's music is a quietly pastoral way of life, heavily organic and all the healthier for it"
James Catchpole|Fluid Radio

"The small noises roll gently around each other to form a wonderfully fragile, pastoral whole.
It is a fascinating radio play at the micro level, subtlety in thrilling to beauty is exalted"

Jan Willem|Subjectivisten

"Orla Wren continues his exploration of places and environments, in which the sounds from him systematised conceptual project without diaphragms, with strength and effectiveness
far greater than any exogenous intellectual speculation"

Raffaello Russo|Music Won't Save You

"So wonderful ... it saved my day ... I feel part of your sound mycelium now,
as moss on the rocks becoming moisture, unifying the underground to the infinite light"

Cécile Lacoste

"I'm transported to a wonderful secret place alive with fizzing, crackling creatures who fill the warm air with their sound. A place to rest in the sunshine and listen.
An essential work of sublime beauty, love and devotion"

Neil Carter

"Moccasin Flowers offers a vision of nature that is all-encompassing, all the way from the petals of the flowers down to it's fetid roots. But to conceive it as a record of serenity and peace would be a mistake, Orla Wren has teeth"
George McVicar|Stray Landings

Please click the image below for the full promo/preview film on Vimeo ...

The new Orla Wren album Moccasin Flowers ( silentSEED ) began life late in 2013
during the very early preparations for live performances
at both JARDINS EFEMEROS in Viseu, Portugal and SPACE TEXTURES in Riga, Latvia.
Returning to and further exploring the analog synthesis techniques used in his early
and (in some cases) unreleased works Tui then began gathering sounds
and looking and listening for who else might best contribute to this new sound work.
 The beautiful and intimate imagery from the film Two Years At Sea by Ben Rivers
had become hugely influencial at this point
and guest musicians such as Barry LeakeVeronique VakaBrinstaar,
Marc MyasoedovJura LaivaTsumugineAaron Martin and Sara Galan bestowed, throughout the process some exceptionally delicate parts
to the already intensely detailed and democratic weave.


The Spanish artist and cellist Sara Galan was invited to create the very beautiful drawings and paintings that make up this 6 sided rectangle special edition package
which was so wonderfully pressed on heavy matte stock by MonotypeRec Pressing.

The release of this album marks a very emotional time both personally and creatively,
folding in on itself over time quite naturally into the beginning of the silentSEED label
and onto a true artisanal autonomy.

Returning to the beautiful and intimate performance at Jardins Efemeros that was so very important in the making of this album ...

"Orla Wren is one of my favourite shamans - one that can transform sound into ultra-conscience aesthetic information" ... Rui Matoso - Jardins Efemeros 2014.

Limited Edition now available