mixtape for NTS Radio, London

A bedroom mix compiled, edited and collaged in my current bedroom/studio (in The Bothy, West of Scotland aged 48) from fragments of memories and pieces of music which were recorded to tape and my psyche back in the day (ages 0-14 * 1968-1982 - in Sunderland, North East of England)
In my relative past I firstly used to jam along on an imaginary synth hidden in the patterns on the carpet (it was the 70's) and then in my very early teens I used to jam along with my Kay's catalogue drum machine, a Casiotone VL1 and a Roland SH101 mono synth.
In my present I jammed along to the edits here and there with a Make Noise Shared System.
All these fragments of music are very important to my life, triggers in many ways, thanks to John Peel, Spinning Disc record shop in Sunderland (where I hung out always alone each Saturday in the synth record section while all the punks were gathered together being punks, just over there, the lonely synth section spoke punk in it's own way to me) that, The Old Grey Whistle Test and The Radiophonic Workshop.





An Orla Wren mix for HEADPHONE COMMUTE

For this mix I collected many fragments of music, dialogue and foley sounds which were taken directly from the films themselves and which I then arranged variously and carefully placed to construct some possible narrative. I always feel drawn to the most intimate moments within a film, most often I find it’s where the music and story hold the most emotion and poignancy. This mix is made with love and respect for the film makers, actors and the musicians,
thank you for the beautiful moments.

Films used in this mix

Rebecca Thomas – Electrick Children
Derek Cianfrance – A Place Beyond The Pines
Mike Cahill – Another Earth
Sebastian Silva – Crystal Fairy
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu – 21 Grams
Shane Carruth – Upstream Color
John Curran – Tracks
Alejandro Jodorowsky – Holy Mountain
Drake Doremus – Breathe In
Susanne Bier - In A Better World
Jonathan Glazer – Under The Skin
Andrew Kotting – Filthy Earth
Lynne Ramsay – Ratcatcher
Jaco Van Dormeal – Mr Nobody
Jeremiah Zagar – In A Dream
Urszula Antoniak – Nothing Personal 




An Orla Wren mix for Fluid Radio

Films are one of my very favorite things,
I like to listen to all the sounds whilst watching, not necessarily just to the music.
The placement and capture of some intimate detail
can for me really enhance a scenes emotional impact.
I decided to do this mix with that in mind and to use audio,
including the occasional dialogue,that was taken directly from the films themselves,
rather than from the soundtracks.
This was my way of referencing the very detailed palette of the director.




fluid radio exclusiveimage.png

A very big thank you to all the artists
who’s music has appeared here and there on this mix,
thank you so much for making it.
I found great beauty in your music and it is used here with respect.



An Orla Wren mix for Artic Circle Radio

flau miximage.png

A mix created one day for London based Arctic Circle Radio.
All tracks used were from the catalogue of the Japanese FLAU label
along with a couple of unreleased things from Orla Wren.
The idea behind the mix was to say a big thank you to Yasuhiko,
who records as aus and who runs the wonderful FLAU label.
Thank you for the support, enthusiasm and professionalism in releasing
and promoting my 2009 album The One Two Bird And The Half Horse.