released on double CD in 2011

2013-08-13 16.04.08small2.jpg

Kanshin is a two CD compilation album that presents a collection of sound design
work from some of the scene’s finest artists from across the globe.
It has been put together to raise money for the recovery in Japan following
the earthquake in 2011.

Curated by Daniel Crossley ( Fluid Radio|Fluid Audio|Facture )
and Jonathan Lees ( Hibernate|Rural Colours )
with invaluable assistance from Ian Hazeldine ( art direction )
The compilation features
Hummingbird, Orla Wren and Katie English, Field Rotation, Library Tapes,
Yellow6, Maps & Diagrams with Ylid, OffTheSky, Ian Hawgood, Antonymes,
Aaron Martin & Machinefabriek, Jeremy Bible and Jason Henry and Kyle Bobby Dunn.