Remix album that accompanied the CD veriosn of Gurun Gurun - Gurun Gurun
released in 2011 by Home Normal.


Gurun Gurun have never lived in Japan,
yet somehow capture everything that good Japanese pop music adheres to be,
taking it a lot further than the limited borders of such music often is.
Their musical work combines guitars, analogue synthesizers, turntables,
various acoustic instruments and digital effects to span musical spaces
ranging from hypno-minimalist atmospheres to warm tones of slow moving,
repetitive melodic stanzas.
It shouldn’t really have been a surprise to me that the album felt so Japanese,
as two thirds of the main band are members of the excellent experimental pop outfit
Miou Miou (on the celebrated Japanese label - Rallye).
Jara Tarnovski and Tomas Knoflicek are ably assisted in Gurun Gurun
by Federsel of the Buchty a Loutky Theatre Company, improv band B4,
noise project Radio Royal and art group Handa Gote.
The result of which makes Gurun Gurun perhaps the more dynamic,
and certainly more noise based and experimental of the two outfits.
The group is also topped off with some amazing guest artists,
including three Japanese vocalists:
Moskitoo from the 12k stable providing gentle, airy vocals across ‘Fu’ and ‘Ano Uta’.
Another 12k artist, the enormously talented Taylor Deupree collaborator Sawako
providing touchingly open and raw vocals on the ever so weird but tender
‘Yume no Mori’ and ‘Yuki ~ Hawaiian Snowflake’.
Rurarakiss (from the Miyachan Akichan project with Daisuke Miyatani)
sings in the most hushed of tones over the glitchy, noisy pieces ‘Kodomo’ and ‘KúKó’.
Beyond these, the varied group is made up of Artem Vartanian on clarinet,
trumpet and shepherds pipe, Daniel Meier on violin, Floex on clarinet and koto,
Irena and Vojtech Havlovi (The Havels)
on alto and tenor viola da gamba, and finally with remixers Opiate
(Morr Music, City-Centre Offices and Raster-Noton) and Kora et le Mechanix.

The remix album featured mixes by Orla Wren, Dot Tape Dot, Hearts÷Horses
Pimmon, Zavaloka, offthesky and Part Timer.

Orla Wren remixed the track Yuki ( Hawaiian Snowflake )