"I am interested in human consciousness and transcendence within it. In my artistic practice I mainly work with analogue images - both still and moving. I am particularly interested in experimental image making in the lab and using those images to express concepts I create and live throughout my own life."


A beautiful new film for my piece Moccasin Flowers by my friend,
the artist, photographer and filmmaker Ieva Balode.
Shot on Super 8 Black & White Tri-X film as well as expired Svema,
hand processed during 2015 and 2016.

'Moccasin Flowers was released as an album in 2015 as dedication to musician's mother, who passed away to different heavens...
Film talks about letting go the loved one and reaching out for re-connection with inner-self which has been lost during the deprivation'

Many thanks to all those taking part. Especially charming Марина Гофеншефер
Ieva Balode 2017.


FK Magazine - Latvia - FLO KASEARU

Flo Kasearu (1985) is an Estonian artist based in Tallinn. She has studied painting, multimedia and photography in Tallinn and Berlin. In her works, Flo mostly reflects on the national identity and socio-economic issues. Since 2013, she has arranged a museum in her family house – a wooden two-storied building built in 1908. The museum is dedicated to her own artistic career. Flo Kasearu’s House museum is like a memorial house, where next to her personal things visitors can also find the artist’s installations, video works and photographs. The museum offers not only an exciting visual adventure, but also brings to the fore the question about the artist’s role in socio-economic processes, as well as the institutionalization of art.




Lumacell/Robert Shaw: Short Film, Audio and Sound Design.

'mono clock' was short listed for the Jerwood Moving Image Award
‘remote crpt2’ was presented with an award by Choreographic Captures, as part of the Munich film festival.
‘turning the machine’ was part of the New Directors Exhibition at the PUBLIC Art Gallery, Walsall.

Music for theater workshops and performances in the Birmingham Fierce Festivals
Music and sound design for 'Flatbed' a short film directed by Tom Merilion screened at the Vienna film festival.
Two albums under the name ‘mighty math’

Robert made films for the Orla Wren tracks The Words Under The Wood and Rising Swing Ringing
from the CD/DVD Book Of The Folded Forest released on Home Normal in 2013.

And for the Orla Wren track Five Acre Ladder ( reprise )
from the 10” vinyl/letter pressed CD The Blizzard That Birthed Her released on Facture in 2013.






Joey Bania is a director of music videos, short films and documentaries.
In recent years he has crafted music videos for the likes of Kyle Bobby Dunn
and short documentaries for BBC Worldwide.
Hailing from the rugged back country wilderness of New Zealand,
the natural world features prominently in much of his work.
He is currently somewhere in the world, probably London.

Joey made a film for the Orla Wren track Four Feathers Few
from the CD/DVD Book Of The Folded Forest
released on Home Normal in 2013.








Elise Baldwin's work focuses on intersections between the natural world
and the history of technology.
Her work takes the form of intermedia performances, solo experimental music and building custom software instruments for live performance.
This piece for Orla Wren is one of a series involving dioramas
built on melted vinyl and live video mixed in real time with archival.
She has designed sound and created musical compositions for many theater,
film and dance productions and has had opportunity to collaborate
with many other talented artists.
Recent solo performances include the SoundWave Festival,
SF Cinematheque, New York Electronic Arts Festival,
Electronic Cinema, ResBox, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival,
and the CalArts CEAIT Festival. She has received several awards,
including Experimental Television Center and CESTA residencies in 2008,
a Harvestworks Artist in Residency, and the Frogs Peak Award for Experimental Music.

Elise made a film for the Orla Wren track In A Past Life I Was A Woodcarvers Knife
from the CD/DVD Book Of The Folded Forest
released on Home Normal in 2013.







Tippi Tillvind is a berlin based collagist.
In her work she concentrates on exploring an endless number of concepts
and methods of collage making. distancing herself from any single medium
she tries to translate mental games of associative collaging
into different forms of expression,
paper works, assemblages, video, sound and installations.
she frequently challenges the solitary nature of her work
by collaborating with creative people coming from a variety of other fields.

Tippi made a film for the Orla Wren track Shipwreck Seems Sweet To Me In This Sea
from the CD/DVD Book Of The Folded Forest
released on Home Normal in 2013.






Mark Daniel Kuykendall

(Born July 7, 1981, Stillwater, Oklahoma)
is an Oklahoman artist, musician, filmmaker and producer.
Kuykendall’s work is generally characterized by his production style
of melding electronically manipulated field recordings
with dusty attic 8mm & 16mm film.
Kuykendall’s hushed vignettescombined with, custom tweaked analog synthesizers,
and occasionally his crisp vocals, creates his unmistakable collage of soft tones.

Mark made the film for the Orla Wren track Willow Bows And Cats Cradles
from the CD/DVD Book Of The Folded Forest
released on Home Normal in 2013.






SkinOfTheTree is the name that I use for my own personal film making.
More to follow ...




‘Strangers in Berlin’ , is an experimental/narrative short film,
filmed in Berlin and edited in the USA in 2012 by filmmaker Sabrina Guitart.
A few artists met together during the winter of Berlin to make a short film
wherethe main element becomes an artist’s masterpiece;
a sketchbook that painter, Jamie Chiarello, had been working on for four years.
Her personal diary of genius imagery and writing, becomes like a needle
sewing destinies of strangers lives and realities.

The Orla Wren piece The Wintering Box was used in the film.