Released on CD in 2012 on the FBOX label, London.

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When Katie English announced an ongoing subscription project on Twitter in late 2011,
I was immediately interested; having seen similar projects completed by others,
I’d never followed an undertaking like this from start to finish before.
Curious not only about the music that would follow, but also the process, I signed up,
promptly went back to what I was doing beforehand,
and as there was no immediate return it faded almost completely from my mind.
So it was a surprise to receive the first email from Katie with the first monthly track:
I’d forgotten all about it.
Over time, over many months, the emails kept arriving and arriving –
never following a set pattern apart from coming monthly.
Not expected at any time, and as a result always pleasantly surprising –
like getting a rare handwritten letter from an old friend, from out of the blue.
In some months two tracks arrived, sometimes Isnaj Dui with collaborators, sometimes solo.
The project concluded, and after some time I received a package in the mail with the final product
as promised, a collection of the project into hard copy.
Quite a surprise – in effect a BOUND BOOK, printed on heavy card,
with CDs attached to the inside cover,
with all the monthly emails reproduced inside, with photos and a short statement of intent
on the centre page.
The music spilt into two parts – the ongoing 12 monthly tracks collected onto one CD,
and the collaborations
with Orla Wren, Karina ESP, Hybernation and Michael Tanner collected onto another,
including some extra improv tracks.
The material is loosely based on the circle of fifths, starting in the key of C/Amin
and moving up by 5 tones every month, written and recorded within the month
they were sent out and designed to reflect the month in which they were composed.
In terms of the sound, it is definitely Isnaj Dui (which is to say good),
but with a more deliberately circular, granular and metallic edge to it.
Rawer than, say, last year’s Hibernate release ‘Abstracts On Solitude’
but all the more engaging for it.
A varied collection of twelve months of sustained enforced creativity, and a worthwhile and
rewarding experience for the subscribers.
Charles Sage for Fluid Radio