Released on 12” vinyl and CD in 2006 on EXPANDING RECORDS

The debut album of Tui, using the pseudonym Orla Wren for the purposes
of this fine album release.
Apparently, Tui travels Scotland selling various countryside photos of plants
and organic life from a van, before returning to create ambient abstractions using manipulated acoustic sounds.
Tui's tender respect for the natural environment is immediately apparent on the beautifully carved, speckled haze of the opening track,
Closure - fusing gentle piano chords with weaving strings within an atmosphere of swimming microscopic sound particles.
Myself And Movement is just as appealing, using glockenspiel sounds to create an oriental-flavoured wicker tapestry of intertwining tones that are mesmerically melodic.
Much of Butterfly Wings Make oozes with introspective sadness, the ghosts and memories
of past experience and dormant emotions impatient for a creative channel litter the album.
However, Tui's expression is not one of torment, rather peaceful acceptance, love,
and a general appreciation for the natural order of things.
Between The Rain And My Skin so delightfully encapsulates its subject matter,
that one's breathe is almost taken away
Tui is truly capable of reanimating the simplistic beauty of the natural environment,
washing over the listener with delicately chugging, discordant electronic rhythms,
resuscitated by sumptous sun-speckled sound droplets.
The track Weir is most peculiar; I imagined gently rocking in an old wooden chair -
in a shack in the forest, completely impervious to the constraints of time.
Tui paints these images, probably different to one and all, with seemingly effortless ease
getting the balance right between abstract sound painting and musical empathy.
A fantastic debut and an album to be coveted.
- Danny Turner|FUTURE MUSIC

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