BAMBOO STILTS - Beneath The Bark

Rooted in friendship and a shared love of experimental sound, Bamboo Stilts is a long time in the making... Tui ( Orla Wren ) and Leigh Toro (Flotel) have been sharing cassettes and minidiscs for two decades and have long talked of making a record together one day. After having both release their debut albums on the influential London label Expanding Records and then subsequent releases on many labels including, ArableCactus IslandFlauAir Texture, Chemical Tapes and Home Normal amongst others, Tui and Leigh sat down in their respective studios in 2012 and started sending sounds and ideas back and forth, in a very short while the debut album Beneath The Bark was completed." 

Orla Wren : 
critter & guitari pocket piano, ciat lonbarde tetrazzi organ, pipe organ, sony pcm-d50, line 6 dl4, acoustic guitar, music box, indian shruti box, korg monotron, flute, whistle, singing bowl, contact mic, bugbrand weevil, processing and software. 

Leigh Toro :
ekdahl moisturizer, 4ms bass line generator, ciat lonbarde tetrazzi organ, squarewave parade teaspoon, frost wave alienator, electro harmonix delay with hazari and ring modulator, bugbrand weevil, novation k station, concrete dog matrix mixer, 4ms nocto loco, zoom h4, cold gold contact microphone, apple ipad, acoustic guitar, piano, cello, chimes, singing bowl, various percussion items and software.