Released on double CD in 2011 by AIR TEXTURE



Music out of musical form becomes omniscient,
a representative sound defining all of our experiences at once.
Songs out of song structure become singular - free of history -
revealing a hidden world in constant, empathic reverberation.
Ambient today isn’t so much about psychedelics or chilling out
as it is presenting the melodic or beatless fabric of electronic music culture.

Stripped of prevalent rhythm, songs tend toward melodic composition and detail.
These songs may become “compositional” as individuals express themselves
with technology under focused or emotive ideals.
The music becomes timeless (free of meter)
when the music looses its structure while retaining its idea.

Air Texture have released music from such artists as ...
Fennesz, Oneohtrix Point Never, Biosphere, Orla Wren, Leyland Kirby,
Rafael Anton Irisarri, Simon Scott, Lawrence English and Brian McBride.

Air texture licensed the Orla Wren track A Canvas For Your Yearning
for release on the double CD compilation Air Texture Volume One in 2011