O R L A W R E N  is Tui.

He makes electroacoustic music that uses the emotional space
between organic acoustic sounds and digital processing.
Combining the oldest, wonkiest and most organic of possible sound sources,
he fashions them utilising cutting edge technology into melodies and textures of pinprick detail,
revealing the antiquated isolation of the environments that have inspired them
and rendering the minutiae of nature into sonic form.

He has performed live around the world and played at events with such people as ...

Herman KolgenOlivier Girouard/Urban9 ( Musique D'Impressions - Montreal, Quebec )
MurcofBernt Friedman ( ISI Festival - Montpellier, France )
Serafina Steer ( The Fenaille Museum - Rodez, France )
aus, Isnaj Dui, The Boats, Laptop & Cello ( Off Key Sessions - Bristol, UK )
offthesky, Isnaj Dui, Kinder Scout, Astrid ( HomeNormalism - Cafe Oto - London UK )
Nils Frahm, Robert HenkeFrancisco Lopez ( Jardins Efemeros - Viseu - Portugal )
Kyson, Lee Chapman, Brinstaar, Sound Meccano, Jura Laiva ( Space Textures VIII - Latvia ) 

He has released his music on many labels since 2006, namely ...
Expanding Records ( UK ) Flau Records ( Japan )
Arbouse Recordings ( France ) Air Texture ( US ) Eilean Records ( France )
Oak Editions ( Italy ) Facture ( UK ) Home Normal ( UK/Japan ) SilentSEED ( UK )
Dronarivm ( Russia )

Some lovely people have said some lovely things about  O R L A W R E N ...

"The delicate world of Orla Wren" - Verity Sharp|BBC Radio 3|LATE JUNCTION

"An electroacoustic nomad" - Max Reinhardt|BBC Radio 3|LATE JUNCTION

“Achingly beautiful and uncommonly refined” - BOOMKAT

“The droning and wheeling of summer insect life” - David Stubbs|THE WIRE
“I imagined gently rocking in an old wooden chair, in a shack in the forest,
completely impervious to the constraints of time”
- Danny Turner|FUTURE MUSIC

"Orla Wren was at times playing music of such graceful and restrained beauty
that time seemed suspended to allow the audience to observe the life of a
microscopic ecosystem ebbing and flowing in slow motion"
- Pascal Savy|FLUID RADIO

“The music of this artist is as endearing as himself, offering a shy and sweet sensibility.
We are invited to fly over pictures (his or ours) of the most charming moments captured at other parts of the world.
That’s the beauty of tiny things that gives a meaning to life here:
when a bee comes in your ear to awake you, the feeling of a sunny day on the skin,
fresh grass between the toes or a child’s laugh floating in the air.
The work of Orla Wren is highly comforting, with a respectful care to details
from nature and childhood, or time stopping.
As sound flies by the studio, we can feel a friendly hand caressing our neck
while repeating everything’s going to be okay.
Tui reveals those magic instants to others while preserving their fragility
and their innocence, their intensity and plainness”
- Marion Gerbier|VOIR.CA

“Beautiful and moving” - Aurelio Cianciotta - NEURAL|IT

“A moonlit night, a little girl, hidden in her room, decided to make music.
Something a little fabulous, with creatures that one tames,
in a voice both magician and disturbing.
So that Orla Wren composes his pieces,
as we invent stories to sleep”

“Orla Wren, as you say, makes a beautiful sound at midnight”. - YU|CA