Keiron Phelan - Podcast on Analogue Chat.

A very interesting podcast here from my friend and collaborator Keiron "old man" Phelan
for the show Analogue Chat on Resonance Extra. Thanks for the mention and kind words mate !

The idea behind the radio programme is to talk with artists and label owners working in the aforementioned sphere - chatting about the music they release, their inspirations, plus their thoughts about the current state of the music business in 2017

This month I spoke with the artist Keiron Phelan, who has been making music since the mid-1990s and recorded under the various guises such as State River Widening, Phelan Sheppard, Smile Down Upon Us and Littlebow and released music on the labels - Leaf Label, Rocket Girl, Static Caravan and Rural Colours among others.

Richard - Analogue Chat

Ieva Balode - A film

A beautiful new film for my piece Moccasin Flowers by my friend,
the artist, photographer and filmmaker Ieva Balode.
Shot on Super 8 Black & White Tri-X film as well as expired Svema,
hand processed during 2015 and 2016.

"Moccasin Flowers" was released as an album in 2015 as dedication to musician's mother, who passed away to different heavens...
Film talks about letting go the loved one and reaching out for re-connection with inner-self which has been lost during the deprivation.

Many thanks to all those taking part. Especially charming Марина Гофеншефер

Moccasin Flowers, the new album is released on silentSEED.

Please click on the image below for the full promo/preview film on Vimeo ...

The new Orla Wren album Moccasin Flowers ( silentSEED ) began life late in 2013
during the very early preparations for live performances
at both JARDINS EFEMEROS in Viseu, Portugal and SPACE TEXTURES in Riga, Latvia.
Returning to and further exploring the analog synthesis techniques used in his early
and (in some cases) unreleased works Tui then began gathering sounds
and looking and listening for who else might best contribute to this new sound work.
 The beautiful and intimate imagery from the film Two Years At Sea by Ben Rivers
had become hugely influencial at this point
and guest musicians such as Barry Leake, Veronique Vaka, Brinstaar,
Marc MyasoedovJura Laiva, Tsumugine, Aaron Martin and Sara Galan bestowed, throughout the process some exceptionally delicate parts
to the already intensely detailed and democratic weave.


The Spanish artist and cellist Sara Galan was invited to create the very beautiful drawings and paintings that make up this 6 sided rectangle special edition package
which was so wonderfully pressed on heavy matte stock by MonotypeRec Pressing.

The release of this album marks a very emotional time both personally and creatively,
folding in on itself over time quite naturally into the beginning of the silentSEED label
and onto a true artisanal autonomy.

Returning to the beautiful and intimate performance at Jardins Efemeros that was so very important in the making of this album ...

"Orla Wren is one of my favourite shamans - one that can transform sound into ultra-conscience aesthetic information" ... Rui Matoso - Jardins Efemeros 2014.

Limited Edition now available


A new track of mine Fibres And Threads was included on this beautiful compilation that has just been released on the Russian label Dronarivm. You can stream the track and find more information in the releases section ...



My newest album The Blizzard That Birthed Her in collaboration with Aaron Martin and Isnaj Dui was released on December 1st as a 4 track 10" vinyl and an 8 track letter pressed CD on the beautiful FACTURE label and SOLD OUT in 24 hours on the pre-order alone.

Art and design was as always by my good friend in Montreal Urban9 and this beautiful promo film was made by another friend and collaborator Lumacell.

The whole thing was beautifully packaged by FACTURE label owner Daniel Crossley and our friend Ian Hazeldine kindly made this short film showcasing the care that went into the packaging.

Full information about the release is here x